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The following map is reduced from Peter Zschunke,Konfession und Alltag in Oppenheim, Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden, 1984, insert after page 30. North lies toward the right and a scale indicator is at the top of the map. The Rhine is just off the bottom of the map. The map does not show the steep rise of the ground up from the river's bank to the hilly land at the top and right edges of the map.

The three churches are colored in green. St. Sebastian Lutheran Church is at the left (south) end of town. This was the location of the Roman encampment named Buconica and the site of the first market of record. This church was demolished in the 1800s. The former Franciscan closter is in the center. This is St. Bartholomew's Church which, in 1609, was provided to the Huguenot congregation. This is now a Catholic Church. Near the right (north) end of town is St. Catherine's Reformed Church. This has been magnificiently restored and maintained by the Evangelical community.

The probable locations of The Rose and The Swan are shown by colored dots: red for The Rose and blue for The Swan. Further research is required to verify these locations.

Metzgergasse (Butchers' Alley) is indicated by the yellow stripe. Presumably the Steinkopfs lived and had their shop on this narrow street.

map of Oppenheim