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Family History Collection

Family History Home Page
Jim's Résumé
Our Experiences in the Great Fallbrook Fire
Reminiscences of an Old Homebrew Master
A Brief Biography of Jim Churchyard
Surnames being Researched
Links to Home Towns, Family History and Genealogical Groups
Molly Pitt, the dangerous & traitorous character
The Rose, The Swan and Gertraud Steinkopf
Ancestry of Gertraud Steinkopf (1674-1741)
Cousin Intermarriages in Schenectady and Schoharie, NY
Jan Becker: Tapster, Teacher, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, d. 1698
Surgeon Cornelis van Dyck, 1642-1686
Those Four Early Children of Matthias St. John, III, 1662-1748
Land Records of Jan Pieterse Mebie, 1693-1726
A Biography of Lt-Col. Cornelius van Dyck, 1740-1792
Lt. Jacob Best's Quandary, 1742-1797

Mathesis Collection

Mathesis Home Page
Chapter 0: Thesis and Introduction to Numerical Qualities
Chapter 1: The Generation and Nature of Digits
Remaining three chapters not yet put online.

Cactus and Succulent Collection

C & S Home Page