People interested in history often forget their own history in pursuing that of others. Like everything else, this site has a history.

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The following table shows the major events in the life of this web site. The first column is the date in year, month, and day sequence. Obviously not every tweak to the site is shown. It is arranged from most recent to first establishment of site. The latest layer of this history comprises the "What is New?" layer. While earlier layers may not seem as interesting they do document the changes which have occurred to produce the current site.

The prefix for most pages denotes which collection contains it. Family History pages have a prefix of F-H, Flagon and Trencher pages have F&T and mathesis pages have a Mathesis prefix. Cactus and Succulent collection pages have a C&S prefix. We still show the Flagon and Trencher history prior to the establishment of its separate web site.

Date  Event
2006.12.02 Remaining links to Flagon and Trencher website removed.
2006.12.02 Cousin Intermarriages in Schenectady and Schoharie, NY added
2004.12.11 C&S Cactus and Succulent Home Page added
2004.11.25 Jim and Al's remaining web site moved to Intergate. com
2004.11.01 F&T Web site moved to its own URL!
2004.10.19 F&T In Memoriam page for Barbara Carver Smith added
2004.08.17 F&T Link to Smith Tavern in NH added
2004.07.01 F&T Photos from our 2004 Meeting added
2004.05.31 F&T Order form and Member Update Page added
2004.04.06 F&T Press release of Vicky Moon's book on Middleburg added
2004.02.08 F-H Jim's Résumé added
2003.12.18 F&T Reference for Kym Rice's book and a review of her exhibition added
2003.12.17 Mathesis Home Page added
2003.12.17 Mathesis Chapter 0 added
2003.12.17 Mathesis Chapter 1 added
2003.12.17 Mathesis Availability added
2003.12.17 Mathesis Bibiliography added
2003.12.07 Whole site restructured into three Collections to provide for growth
2003.12.05 F&T Insignia Pin description added
2003.12.04 F&T Membership Certificate example added
2003.08.15 F&T Incorrect minimum age requirement removed
2003.08.08 F&T Reference to Libations of the 18th Century added
2003.08.02 This site history page added
2003.07.30 F&T Good Repute of Colonial Tavern Keepers added
2003.07.05 F&T Reference for history of the fork added
2003.07.03 F&T Photos from our 2003 Meeting added
2003.04.07 F&T page for kids enlarged with new questions
2003.04.04 icon to show up in user's favorites (bookmarks) list Icon added to show up in user's favorites list
2003.04.02 F-H Homebrew page updated for second certificate
2003.02.04 F&T page for kids first created
2002.11.08 F&T biography volumes table of contents added
2002.11.07 F-H Map of Oppenheim added
2002.10.29 F-H Article on the four "early" children of Matthias Sention, III, added
2002.10.25 F-H Lt. Jacob Best's Quandary article added
2002.09.24 Fire survivors bulletin board added (now removed)
2002.09.14 F-H Surnames being researched page added
2002.05.31 F-H Jan Pieterse Mebie land records added
2002.05.18 Site map page added
2002.05.13 F&T references and links page added
2002.05.02 F&T meeting history added
2002.05.02 Flagon and Trencher web home established
2002.04.29 F-H Molly Pitt article added
2002.04.20 F-H The Rose, The Swan and Gertraud Steinkopf added
2002.03.25 F-H Jim's biography added
2002.02.24 F-H Our Experiences in the Great Fallbrook Fire added
2002.01.26 F-H Links to Home Towns, Family History and Genealogical Groups added
2002.01.01 F-H Reminiscences of an Old Homebrew Master added
2002.01.01 Lesson plan for living history event featuring Lt.-Col. C. v D. added (now removed)
2001.12.23 F-H Biography of Surgeon Cornelis van Dyck added
2001.12.16 F-H Biography of Jan Juriaensen Becker added
2001.11.01 Web page first established with F-H Biography of Lt.Col. Cornelis van Dyck